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Baseball Equipment List

Below is a list of baseball equipment, both what you need to play a game and some optional items that are either helpful or just fun!

Baseball can feel like an equipment heavy sport, but in it's purest form you really only need a glove, a ball, and a bat.  We do need a little more to play on an organized team, like a helmet, a cup, and some cleats. We like to be safe while we're having fun.

Most players will have all of their own equipment so they can practice at home. And if you poke around a bit you can find most of the equipment at reasonable prices. There is no need to spend tons of money on the newest, fanciest equipment. We typically receive coupons each season for 20% Off Shop Weekends at Dicks in El Segundo. There is also a great used equipment shop in Torrance called in Play It Again Sports. Some baseball equipment, like gloves, can be BETTER when they are good and broken in. And there are a number of websites with a variety of deals...,,, and 

Please let us know if you have any questions about the equipment or if you find the equipment to be a burden in any way ([email protected])

Required Equipment


A glove is the one piece of equipment truly required for any and all players. The most important aspect of the glove is being well broken in with a decent pocket. We recommend getting a bigger glove than you think, even for young players. We recommend a minimum 10.0"-10.5” gloves, even for Shetland American players (4-5 years old). Shetland National players (5-6 years old) will start using larger gloves as they become more comfortable catching. Stronger players will quickly advance to 11.0"-11.5" gloves. Pinto players and above (8+ years old) will typically have gloves that are 11" and larger. Make sure the glove is well broken in or conditioned, so the player is able to squeeze it.

Of course, mom and dad should also have a glove at home...because you'll be practicing regularly with your player!  11.5"-12.5" gloves are great for most adults.


Cleats are recommended for Shetland American and required for Shetland National divisions and above. Soccer cleats are fine for the Shetland divisions. Note: while soccer cleats are fine for baseball, baseball cleats ARE NOT allowed in soccer...the toe cleat in baseball cleats is dangerous for 1v1 soccer situations. It is recommended that Pinto division players and above use proper baseball cleats. The toe cleat and ankle protection in real baseball cleats are helpful for these older divisions.

Rubber-soled or rubber-cleated shoes are permitted. Metal cleats are prohibited for all divisions except Pony 14U.


All bats must have the USABat licensing stamp on it to be used in PONY baseball.

Tee Ball bats may be used in the Shetland divisions (typically 24”-26” bats). Regular baseball bats must be used starting in the Pinto divisions and above (typically 27” to 42” bats). 

Pay attention to 1. the weight of the bat, 2. the length of the bat, and 3. the barrel diameter of the bat. 

2 5/8" is the maximum barrel size allowed on a USA Bat and most stronger players will want those big barrel bats. 

For the youngest players, you may want to go as light as possible, but as the kids approach Pinto age they should be ready to swing a 27" bat or bigger (typically 17oz or more). There are very few bats shorter than 27" that are legal in Pinto baseball. 

The key is to have a bat that a player can consistently swing level. If a bat is too heavy, the barrel with drop and it will be harder for the player to make consistent contact.

Regardless, the bat must have the USABat licensing stamp.

More details, including a list of some disqualified bats, are available on the detailed rules for each division and at

Batting Helmet:

Each player is required to have their own baseball batting helmet. The helmet needs to be a proper baseball helmet (not a helmet repurposed from another sport).  The use of face masks and jaw guards on protective head gear is not required, but it is recommended for additional safety, especially in our older divisions with live pitching (Pinto National and above).

Face masks and jaw guards should be factory installed. 


A protective cup is required for all male players starting at Shetland National division and above.  Female players are not required to wear a protective cup.


South Bay PONY will provide each player with a team jersey and hat. Players are responsible for purchasing their own pants, belts, and socks. Please hold off on purchasing baseball pants, belt, and socks until team names and uniform colors have been determined. Your manager/head coach will be in touch a few weeks before the season starts with details about the uniform colors and recommended style/color for pants, belt, and socks.

Optional Equipment... Just For FUN!!

Backpack (Optional):

Baseball backpacks are entirely optional, but can be very useful. It’s a great way for players to keep their baseball gear organized, both at home and in the dugout. Most baseball backpacks will have a sleeve for a bat, room for a helmet, a separate pocket for cleats, and a hook to allow the backpacks to be hung on a chain link fence.

Balls (Optional):

Your team manager will have plenty of balls for practice and games. If you’re looking for baseballs to use at home, the Shetland American division uses Safety Balls (the Rawlings Official T-Ball or Diamond Level 1 Ball) and the Shetland National Division uses a Diamond Level 5 Ball mid-compression ball. Pinto divisions and above use MLB regulation size and weight baseballs. As a league we prefer Diamond baseballs.

Batting Tee (Optional):

For appropriate divisions, your team Manager will have a batting tee. If you are looking for a tee to practice at home, be sure to pay attention to the height of the tee. Many tees are too tall, even at the lowest height, for young players. Pay attention to the height of your player (at the waist) and the height of the tee, so the ball is resting at or slight above waist height.

Batting Gloves (Optional):

Batting gloves are completely a personal choice. At the younger levels they are just a fun accessory, so the players can look like the pros!

Eye Black (Optional):

There is absolutely no reason to have eye black… except THAT IT’S REALLY COOL LOOKING & FUN!!  Kids love the stickers and the stick type. The stick type comes in more then just black now too...

If you have any questions about equipment, email your child's division commissioner.  All names and email addresses are listed on our Board of Directors page.

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