Rules by Division - Shteland American Division

Policy / Purpose Statement

The Board of Directors of South Bay PONY Baseball has adopted the following policies and procedures for South Bay PONY Baseball Specific Playing Rules.

The South Bay PONY Board of Directors is committed to ensure the best possible baseball experience for the members of our league.  League policies and procedures have been established and agreed upon by a majority decision (vote) by the Board of Directors in accordance with the following:

  1.  The best interest of the majority of the league;

  2.  The best interest of an individual (when it does not conflict with #1);

  3.  The progressive direction and vision for the future of the league (when it does not conflict with #1 or #2)

The following information is designed to define and clarify the playing and administrative rules that will be followed during the 2018 season at South Bay PONY.  Play shall be governed first by:

  1.  Official Baseball Rules: “The Sporting News” edition;

  2.  With only those exceptions which are necessary in a youth program as listed in the Official 2010 PONY Baseball Rules and Regulations book;

  3.  In all instances unless otherwise noted here in the South Bay PONY Specific Playing Rules.

This addendum shall take precedence over any previous version.

These policies / procedures may only be amended by a majority vote of the South Bay PONY Board of Directors prior to the start of the regular season.

Playing Fields

  1. Distance between bases shall be 50 feet.

  2. ​Both teams are mutually responsible for Field Marking.

    • Marking shall consist of batters boxes and foul lines extending from the front corner of the plate to the outside edge of first and third bases.

    • Optionally, coaches may choose to line On Deck circles and Coaches Boxes at First and Third.

shetland baseball field dimensions


  1. Rubber soled or rubber cleated shoes are permitted.  Metal cleats are prohibited.

  2. No jewelry shall be worn by any player, except for medical identification.

Playing Rules

  1. Minimum Play: Every player must play the entire game unless he/she is absent or injured. Players shall play in all the standard defensive positions except catcher. All remaining players shall be positioned in the outfield. Everyone must play the entire game, no substitutes.

  2. Batting Order: The batting order shall be continuous and made from the roster of all players present at the game. One complete batting turn through the batting order constitutes an inning, regardless if three (3) outs are made or not.

  3. Batting: A batter shall take his/her turn at bat and remain until the ball is hit into play. There shall be no strikeouts and no walks. Every hit is a single.  Runners advance one base at a time, station to station, until the final batter of the inning.  The final batter of the inning clears the bases with a Grand Slam!  Please rotate the batting order so every player gets a chance to lead off and hit a grand slam during the season.

Pitching Rules

  1. Coach pitching is encouraged as appropriate for each player

    • Coaches are permitted to pitch to players during all games of the season.

    • Coach pitch shall not be forced on a player that isn’t comfortable with it.  Feel free to use the tee liberally, especially during the start of the season.  If a player wants to use only the tee the whole year, they will certainly be allowed to do so.  But we would like players to get a chance to swing at a pitched ball, even if they are unlikely to connect.  They will become more comfortable focusing on the pitched ball the more they see one.

    • If using Coach Pitch, a batter gets 3-5 pitches to attempt a hit.  If there is no hit, bring out the Tee so the batter can get a hit.

    • The batter is allowed unlimited swings at the Tee, until they get a hit.

  2. No player pitching in Shetland American.

Length of Games

  1. Game Duration: All games shall be three (3) innings or 1 hour 15 minutes in length, whichever happens first. This is a hard time cap.  We need to move quickly to get 27-30 at bats per team, 54-60 at bats total, in a 75 min time window.

SBP Unique Rules

  1. Coaches on the Field:

    • The Team on Offense is allowed 1 Coach to Pitch, 1 Coach to Catch and help the Batter, 1 Coach at First, and 1 Coach at Third Base.  It is recommended that a coach or team parent help maintain order in the dugout as a Bench Coach. 3rd Base Coach can also assist with the batter On Deck.

    • The Team on Defense may have as many coaches as necessary in the field.  2-4 Defensive Coaches is probably ideal.

  2. Game Scores: Scores of the game will not be kept by an official scorekeeper, and shall not be posted on the scoreboard, nor shall the game announcer make any reference to the score, or to whom he thinks may have a run advantage over the other team. In T- Ball all teams win.

  3. Protective Headgear: Must be worn by any player while at bat and while running the bases. This also includes while at practice.

    • When appropriate, protective headgear can also be used in the field at the Pitcher’s mound, First Base, or wherever necessary.

  4. Base Running: No leading off or stealing bases shall be permitted. Balls overthrown at any base shall be dead out and runners do not advance. Runners advance only a base at a time.

  5. We are a ‘Hustle League’ and expect players to run on and off the field.

  6. Parents are not allowed in the dugout or on the field unless they are coaching.  Siblings are not allowed in the dugout or on the field under any circumstances. Siblings are not allowed to assist with coaching the team.  Parents who are not coaching and Siblings are not covered by insurance.

  7. No cell phones allowed on the field or in the dugout (with the exception of the Team Photographer).

  8. No alcohol or tobacco products of any kind allowed anywhere on the field or in the stands.  All fields are located on school property, so this is strictly forbidden.

  9. No chewing gum or sunflower seeds allowed on the field or in the dugout.  Gum and sunflower seed shells can be a mess to clean up after the games. We want to be gracious guests on the fields.

  10. Every team must have at least 1 coach who has completed Concussion Training.  It is recommended that all Coaches complete Concussion Training. Concussion training completed for other youth sports leagues (i.e., AYSO) is sufficient to meet this requirement.

  11. How to deal with problems:

    • Parents sign a Code of Conduct form.  If their behavior is inappropriate, ask them politely to stop. If they still don’t cooperate, call the park enforcement officer and walk away.  Notify the league so the league can deal with the parent directly.

    • Any person(s) that interfere with you and/or your team during a game or practice (including unauthorized use of fields) should be dealt with in the same way.

    • Park Enforcement Officer – Brent Malatesta (310)345-1141

    • If P.E. Officer is unavailable, contact the Police Dept. Front Desk (310) 802-5140

  12. Any manager that is ejected from a game will receive an automatic 1 game suspension and review for any further disciplinary action.


South Bay PONY Baseball is a proud member of the PONY Baseball and Softball organization.